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Course Enrollment Counts

~[tlist_sql; SELECT sec.Course_Number, crs.Course_Name, ter.Abbreviation AS Term, Count(sec.Section_Number) AS No_of_sections, Sum(sec.No_of_students) AS No_of_students FROM Courses crs INNER JOIN Sections sec ON crs.Course_Number = sec.Course_Number INNER JOIN Terms ter ON sec.TermID = ter.ID AND sec.SchoolID = ter.SchoolID WHERE sec.No_of_students <> 0 AND sec.TermID >= ~(curyearid)*100 AND sec.TermID < (~(curyearid)*100)+100 GROUP BY sec.Course_Number, crs.Course_Name, ter.Abbreviation, sec.SchoolID HAVING sec.SchoolID = ~(curschoolid) ORDER BY sec.Course_Number;alternatecolor] [/tlist_sql]
Course #  Course Name  Term  # of Enrollments  # of Students 
~(Course_Number;t)  ~(Course_Name;t)  ~(Term;t)  ~(No_of_sections;l)  ~(No_of_students;l) 

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